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Straight Ahead
Jimi Odell
Brian Betz
Lady Laranah Phipps Quintet
Lakewood Jazz Ensemble
Eddie Lang Joe Venuti Four
MRB Jazz Project
Nu Horizon
Palmer Jenkins Quartet
Vel Johnson Jazz Band
Vinnie Corrao and Friends
Wallace Whitman Quartet

Other Artists of Note

Chris Buono
Full Count Big Band
East Of Twenty Two Jazz Band

Can I have a web site on Jazzbands.org?

Sure. Assuming you don't already have a web site, Send me the following information:

  • booking information
  • a photo of the band
  • text describing the band and what kind of jazz you play (i.e. acoustic, fusion, bee-bop, traditional, etc.)

There's a handy form you can fill out that does the right thing.

If you have any questions, you can email: r e q u e s t s at j a z z b a n d s dot o r g

(I have the email address "shrouded" to prevent reaping by spammers.)

This offer is open to any jazz band that doesn't already have their own web site and would like to take advantage of it. If I get overwhelmed by the volume of requests, the policy may change at my discretion.

Here's another handy form that registered users can use to update their own web site content.


Q: How much does this cost?

A: If you're not local to central New Jersey, then I'd like a tape or CD of your music, possibly a demo tape. If I've seen you play and offered you a web site, then the tape or CD is optional.

Q: What other services do you offer?

A: I can record your band live using my 8 track hard disk recorder. This records at 24 bits per sample, 44100 samples per second. The resulting data files can then be mixed down to an ordinary 16bit/sample 44100 samples/second music CD. Your place or mine. Email
r e c o r d i n g at j a z z b a n d s dot o r g if interested.

New Jersey Jazz Society Visit the New Jersey Jazz Society web site to find out about some great jazz events in northern New Jersey.
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