Wallace Whitman Quartet

We are a trio that plays at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick every Thursday 6:30 - 9:30

June 2nd - Bruce Radtke

June 9th- Bruce Radtke AND Joel Roi on keys

June 16th- John Harrity

June 23rd- Scott Jordan

June 30th- Evan Montgomery

At Tumulty's-

June 23rd w/Evan

July 28th - Bruce

August - date to be announced


The band is:
Matt Thomas - Drums
J. Brunka - Double Bass
Each week a third member comes in to solo; we have featured:
Bruce Radtke - guitar
John Harrity - guitar
Evan Montgomery - guitar
Ed Littman - guitar
Andrew Rael - Piano
Jim Jaison - Piano

J. Brunka - Teaches music in North Jersey both privately and in schools. J. plays out in numerous jazz configurations as well as other styles
Matt Thomas - teaches drums in Central Jersey. House drummer at Red Tower III Sunday jam, plays in various local rock projects as well.
Bruce Radtke - leads Bruce Radtke trio as well as taking on side man duties in jazz configurations all over the NJ NY area. http://www.bruceradtke.com/ for more info.
John Harrity - owner and teacher at Somerville school of music. Veteran of central Jersey jazz.
Evan Montgomery - Jazz prodigy - currently studying classical and jazz guitar at the Lawrence conservatory in Appleton Wisconsin. Evan will be joining us over the summer.


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